Flat Rate:  £42 per session

Electro Acupuncture:  £52 per session

Motion Acupuncture:   £52 per session


Chinese Herbal Medicine


Flat Rate:  £6-24 (herbal tablet, herbal cream,etc.)

                  £48 (A custom-made formula of herbs which fit the patient individually) per week (including 14 times

                               drink), and will be charged half price for children


TuiNa (Chinese Manipulation--Therapeutic Massage)


£20 for 15 minutes

£40 for 30 minutes




£15 per session (15 minutes)




Free (if treatments are undertaken the same day except for taking patent herbal remedies like tablets,capsule,cream etc.)

£20 (for not taking any treatments but coming for chat and advice only and no more than 20 minutes.)


Allergy Test:

From £35 - £125


Registration fee:

£10 (only for patients who take Acupuncture or Custom-made formula of herbs treatment)


We accept card payment ,cash in city center; cash or cheque only in Redland

£10 deposit required for appointment

24 hours notice required for all cancellation otherwise full fee requested.


Health Insurance

Many private health insurance companies are now covering acupuncture and a few will also pay herbal treatments