First appointment: £60 per session(one hour)

Follow up appointment: £50 per session(45 mins)

£250 for prepaid 6 sessions(save £50)

Electro Acupuncture:  £60 per session

Motion Acupuncture:   £60 per session


Chinese Herbal Medicine


Flat Rate:  £6-28 (herbal tablet, herbal cream,etc.)

                  £58 per week  (including 14 times drinks) (A custom-made formula of herbs which fit the patient individually, therefore is Non refundable), and will be charged half price for children  


TuiNa (Chinese Manipulation--Therapeutic Massage)


£25 for 15 minutes

£45 for 30 minutes




£25 per session (15 minutes)

£40 per session (30 minutes)




Free (If treatments are undertaken the same day except for taking patent herbal remedies like tablets,capsule,etc.)

£30 (for not taking any treatments but coming for chat and advice only and no more than 20 minutes.)

Allergy Test:

From £45 - £175



£10 deposit required for appointment which is refundable

24 hours notice required for all cancellation otherwise full fee requested.


Health Insurance

Please check with your insurance company. Many private health insurance companies are now covering acupuncture and a few will also pay herbal treatments.